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25th Dec2016: Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️🎄❤️
21st Dec2016: 🎄🔥🎄
9th Dec2016: #NaiiseCampChristmas pop up here every Friday and weekends! 12-9pm 🎄💘 66 Kampong Bugis, lvl 7. Catch us here for y…
9th Dec2016: ❤️❤️❤️
3rd Dec2016: Out and about this weekend? Hurry get on down to our #naiisecampchristmas pop up at 66 Kampong Bugis!! 🎄🎄
24th Nov2016: 🤗🤗✨
24th Nov2016: Cheers to the good times!! 💫🎄✨
24th Nov2016: 💘💘💘 Hope you had fun!!
24th Nov2016: After a week of the crazy Christmas rush, the campers took a minute in the midst of the setup of our Media Party :)…
20th Nov2016: We out here! The first weekend of our #naiisecampchristmas is almost over! Time to pack up and head on down to 66 K…
20th Nov2016: 🤗🤗🤗
20th Nov2016: ❄️💖☺️
16th Nov2016: Grab your decks, pack your bags and head over to 66 Kampung Bugis Level 7 from 18th November and visit us! ❄️🎄💕…
15th Nov2016: We just had to share this funny outtake from our #naiisecampchristmas video. 😂😂Full video will be out this week! S…
8th Nov2016: From where we stand today.. our camp elves hard at work at #naiisecampchristmas! Stay close for more updates on our…
6th Nov2016: We love them too!! ☺️
3rd Nov2016: What a cutie!! 💖💖💖
3rd Nov2016: Looks a lot like Christmas here at Naiise! 😌🎄❄️💫
2nd Nov2016: Happy Midweek folks! xx
1st Nov2016: Rosana giveaway happening now!! 😱 Head on over to our instagram (.@Naiise) for more info! 💕…
1st Nov2016: We wish everyday could be like that too! 😌💫
1st Nov2016: Cutie!💖 😽 This is @carrotmao and his collar from @gooodpetcollars! Handmade & sale proceeds helps our furry friends…
1st Nov2016: How is everyone doing this morning?😌 Happy November! xx
31st Oct2016: Ponder about life and death on The Skull Chair, perfect for those with eccentric taste! Shop here 💀…
30th Oct2016: Looks so good!! 😱😋💫
29th Oct2016: Happy Halloween from Team Naiise!!! #NaiiseHorrorween 👻🎃🔮🎉
28th Oct2016: Happy #TGIF!!! We can almost smell the weekends! 🎉
28th Oct2016: From 29th – 31st October, dress up and get 10%* off & if you stumble upon a head in a jar, get 10% too! 👻 More info…
27th Oct2016: Get yours ASAP folks! 🤗💫
27th Oct2016: ✨Prepare to meet your Meykrs!✨ Have a ball of a time with our newly-added Dango & Fishball cushions! 🍡🍡 Get yours…
26th Oct2016: Our vending machine is located opposite Kallang Wave Mall entrance till 30th October! More info on our fb page!…
26th Oct2016: Good morning folks!! Happy midweek! 😌😌
25th Oct2016: Anti-gravity phone cases now for iPhone 7/7 plus users! Follow us on Instagram for more information on the giveaway…
25th Oct2016: Happy Tuesday! 💫 How is everyone doing?
25th Oct2016: A Naiise vending machine?!😱 If you’re catching the Women’s Tennis finals at @WTA, bring something Naiise back home!…
24th Oct2016: Vara bags are available in pastel hues & made from aged leather. Get the sophisticated look today! 💫 Shop here!…
24th Oct2016: Is it really Monday already?!
23rd Oct2016: Only 10 weekends away to Christmas!! We now have gift wrapping stations available at all our stores! Show off your…
23rd Oct2016: Happy Sunday! Have a great day ahead! 🎉🎉
22nd Oct2016: Christmas is here! Mint Ordinary cards are hand-lettered, foil-stamped in copper & comes with a matching envelope!…
21st Oct2016: ❄️ #TGIF❄️ Enjoy 10% off until 31st October on our Christmas Workshops! Check-out with "SANTASWORKSHOP"! Shop here…
21st Oct2016: Happy #TGIF folks! 10 more weekends to Christmas!
21st Oct2016: Do good while supporting design! For every Naiise tote bag sold, $2 will be donated to The Red Pencil (Singapore).…
20th Oct2016: We love reading your stories! ❤️ and tag us on Instagram (@naiise)! Shop the Meykrs Ang Ku Kueh cushion here!…
20th Oct2016: Definitely fast and furious! 😆 Our third instalment for our Damn Fast O.N.E collection is up and running.…
7th Oct2016: YOLO = You only live online 😄 Enjoy up to15% of your next order for new sign ups of our FON programme in stores! →…
7th Oct2016: Did you say....Friday?! #TGIF
6th Oct2016: Have a great day ahead guys! Xx
5th Oct2016: Did you say pen,, pen? Shop our "PPAP" collection here → #naiise #ppap…
4th Oct2016: Desk essentials! #naiise #panaobjects #newarrivals #modular
3rd Oct2016: Have a great week ahead guys ! <3 #mondays
30th Sep2016: Happy TGIF! Good news, our neon lights at a special price of $350! Get them here ->
27th Sep2016: Home inspirations with #hkliving! <3
27th Sep2016: Thank you #betterbutter for the awesome treats! 😍
27th Sep2016: Thanks for the shoutout :)
27th Sep2016: Just the perfect piece of Borneo for your living room :) -> #thegreatindoors
26th Sep2016: Have a productive week ahead guys! ❤️
23rd Sep2016: Enjoy 10% off your curry puff cushion when you present an Old Chang Kee receipt ! #ockxnaiise
23rd Sep2016: Happy TGIF!!! Xx
20th Sep2016: Snack packs going for $29.90! All proceeds will be going to The Red Pencil Singapore <3 #naiise #ieatdesignbynaiise…
19th Sep2016: Have a great week ahead everyone! Xx
24th Aug2016: Give it a read! #ieatdesignbynaiise ->
24th Aug2016: Mood #californiarollin
22nd Aug2016: LOVE IT! :)
22nd Aug2016: Thank you! Hope you loved the store! <3
18th Aug2016: Design exists in many forms, even in food.→ #naiise #ieatdesignybnaiise #naiiseevents #food
25th Jul2016: Come come!
20th Jul2016: Our Westgate and Suntec outlets will be closed the whole of today for our mid year stock count. Normal business hours resume tmr! 😊
19th Jul2016: Dear all, our stores at Orchard Gateway and The Cathay will be closing at 4pm today for our stock count. Take note! :)
15th Jul2016: Thank you @deontheband for making our TGIF much sweeter!! ☺️☺️
15th Jul2016: Thinking how to celebrate TGIF? Check out STREAT happening today and tmr! Nom away~ 😋
14th Jul2016: Facing an afternoon slump? Check out Lokalfeed & Kakis for wholesome foods to power you through the day! 💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
13th Jul2016: Dear Wednesday, see you next week! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
13th Jul2016: For those who like to work in cafes, you gotta check this out. 🎵 #hipster #cafe #sound
12th Jul2016: And the #PokemonGO craze makes it way to our office! 😜
12th Jul2016: Master the Sun Tzu Art of GSS🤘🏻
12th Jul2016: Have you ever felt that someone is too nosy? We feel you. 👃🏻
11th Jul2016: Always wondered what we interns do over at Naiise? Ship Ahoy! We welcome all onboard!! ⛵️⛵️ Hop on over! ➡️
8th Jul2016: Interns fired for wearing sneakers to work? Definitely not here at Naiise! 😛 check out the scoop! #sneakers
7th Jul2016: Looking for irresistible afternoon delights that will brighten your day at work? 😋😋 Read this!
6th Jul2016: From all of us at Naiise, we’d like to wish all our Muslim friends Salam Aidilfitri ❤
5th Jul2016: Start the day right with #breakfast! Featuring our fav #nomnomplush now in currypok edition 🤗
4th Jul2016: Brush away! 🎨 Pick up some basic brush techniques with #medkärlekinc and bring your artwork home this Saturday!
4th Jul2016: Something we aim to do everyday! ❤️ We hope Monday has been going well for everyone! Repost from @spoiltbytes
3rd Jul2016: Good #design takes time and effort. Come down to #naiisecathay to share words of appreciation to our creatives! 🙌🏼
1st Jul2016: TGIF! Drinks? 😉 4l tower of golden liquid goodness from @TigerBeerSG available at our pop-up at #naiisecathay! ✨
30th Jun2016: Raya is ard the corner 🎉, glam up your space with our special Hari Raya Collection, psst.. 🙊 we have promo code!
29th Jun2016: 2 days down 3 more to go! 🎉 Spice up the rest of your week with the colours from @wackymons ❤️💛💙 #naiise #wackymons
27th Jun2016: Chase away the Monday blues & get inspired with the new book from @nuuna_notizbuch today! ✏️📖😊 #naiise#nuuna#picasso
23rd Jun2016: Thank you @singaporebrides for the lovely feature! 👫💕 >> #naiise #singaporebrides #wedding
16th Jun2016: Friends who make stickers together...stick together 🤗🙆🏻 New sticker maker in da house! #naiise #stickermaker #xyron
14th Jun2016: Our adorable Merlion Chou Chou keychain! How can you resist this cutie? 😘❤️ #naiise #souvenirsfromsg #merlion #local
13th Jun2016: Chase those nightmares away with one of these Gem Biscuit lamps; another original by @Meykrs! #naiise #gembiscuit
9th Jun2016: Hooray!! 🎉 Our new website is up and running, click here to shop now ~ #naiise #new #launch
3rd Jun2016: A special Thank You to those who came down today! You guys are amazing :) #naiise #naiisecathay #actseedco #prints
3rd Jun2016: The party has started! 😍🎉💃 #naiise #naiisecathay
3rd Jun2016: Getting ready for the best party in town tonight! 😉🎉 #naiise #naiisecathay #naiisecathaygoldclass


26th Mar2018: Naiise Malaysia Store Launch: #NaiiseRumahTerbuka
17th Oct2017: How Souvenirs From Singapore Came About
17th Oct2017: Keeping Treasures With Stale & Co
17th Oct2017: Tell Your Story With SCENE SHANG
17th Oct2017: Naiise UK - Telling Stories That MATTER
17th Oct2017: Naiise UK - Stand Up With HumbleWorks
17th Oct2017: Naiise UK - Up Close With Binary Style
17th Oct2017: Naiise UK - LOVE CRAFT With Souvenirs From Singapore
17th Oct2017: Naiise UK - LOVE CRAFT With Cloud
30th Jun2017: Naiise Exclusive: Wet Tee Shirt NS50 Special
20th Jun2017: Interns of Naiise IV
25th May2017: Finally A Pair of Shoes That Is Truly Yours
19th Apr2017: How To Brighten Up Your Day
11th Apr2017: Naiise Exclusive: Indian Spicebox
31st Mar2017: Naiise Exclusive: Article
24th Mar2017: Naiise Exclusive: JessandCer
21st Mar2017: Naiise Exclusive: ManA Rollboard
20th Feb2017: Naiise Exclusive: Monday Project
3rd Jan2017: Year In Review 2016
16th Dec2016: 1 Gift 2 Gives
12th Dec2016: Naiise Stuff: SayWhat? Singlish Card
2nd Dec2016: Naiise Camp Christmas Jamboree Night
30th Nov2016: Naiise Stuff: Tiger Brewery Tour
28th Nov2016: Naiise Mannequin Challenge
16th Nov2016: Naiise Camp Christmas
15th Nov2016: Naiise Stuff: AUOLIVE Radiance Revealer
26th Oct2016: Halloween Scare
26th Oct2016: Naiise Exclusive : The Outliers
24th Oct2016: Naiise Vending Machine
17th Oct2016: 3 Super Easy Halloween Decor DIYs You Need To Try
11th Oct2016: Have A Naiise Horrorween
20th Sep2016: Naiise Exclusive: Limiteria
16th Sep2016: Naiise Exclusive: OUTLINE
14th Sep2016: Naiise Times: I EAT DESIGN 10-11 September 2016
8th Sep2016: I EAT DESIGN - What Goes On Behind Every Bite You Take II
8th Sep2016: I EAT DESIGN - What Goes On Behind Every Bite You Take I
7th Sep2016: Naiise Stuff - YLLO Turmeric Face Scrub
15th Aug2016: Naiise DIY - Team Green
7th Jul2016: Naiise Stuff: ANIA Argan Oil
28th Jun2016: Naiise Review: I Chews Jax & Bones
13th Jun2016: Naiise Stuff - Meykrs Gem Biscuit USB Lamps
9th Jun2016: Naiise Stuff - Secrid
7th Jun2016: Naiise @ The Cathay Launch Party 3 Jun 2016

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